Wolverhampton’s leading Vehicle graphics and wraps specialists say

“Rolling Artistry, Driving Impressions – Unleash Your Style In Every Mile”

“Rolling Artistry, Driving Impressions – Unleash Your Style In Every Mile”

Elevate your vehicle’s identity to a whole new level with our cutting-edge vehicle graphics and wraps. As Wolverhampton’s premier vehicle graphic specialists and vehicle wrap specialists, at the intersection of innovation and style, our wraps transform your ride into a mobile masterpiece, making a statement wherever the road takes you.

Whether you are driving a sleek saloon, a robust 4×4, or a commercial fleet, our expert team customises graphics that seamlessly align with the contours and character of each vehicle. Our high-quality, durable wraps not only protect your vehicle’s finish but also serve as a dynamic canvas for your unique expression.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating a lasting impact. Stand out in the crowd, turn heads, and leave a lasting impression with our custom vehicle graphics – because your journey deserves to be as remarkable as the destination. Drive the difference, drive with distinction.

Our Process

Embark on a journey of vehicle graphics and wraps transformation with our streamlined four-step process, meticulously crafted to deliver nothing short of excellence and complete satisfaction in the realm of vehicle graphics and wraps.

Vehicle graphics and wraps
Discover Whats Possible

In the first stage of our process we will talk to you about your requirements and how we could fulfil your request.

Design and Communication

This is where we bring your vision to life with our expert team. Making sure the final visual meets your standards.

Development and Production

Precise craftsmanship and acute attention to detail, we start to piece together your final product.

Implementing The Final Piece

Once quality checked and approved by our senior members of staff, your asset is ready to be showcased.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer in-house vehicle graphic and wrap services?

Yes, we do offer in-house vehicle graphic and wrap services for a wide variety of vehicle from cars to vans to speciality vehicles such tractors and lorries. 

Can I use a jet wash to clean my vehicle after the graphics have been fitted?

The simple answer is no. We strongly recommend hand washing your vehicle with a sponge and tepid water ONLY as using a brush, pressure washer or car wash can cause the edges of both vinyl cut text and wraps to lift. For vehicle wraps only use polishes and waxes suitable for vinyl wraps. These are typically silicone-based formulas.

Can you print vinyl graphics or do you only cut from pre-coloured vinyl?

Yes, we have a large format Epson printer, that will allow us to print vinyl graphics as-well as also offering pre coloured cut vinyl. Thus, allowing you to have a variety of customisable options to choose from.

Do I need to clean my vehicle before you fit the graphics.

Yes, we have a team of 2 vehicle graphics and wrap specialists, Tom and Owen, that will ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Do I need to clean my vehicle before you fit the graphics.

Yes please, having a clean vehicle in the unit before we start process will help us be more efficient as we do not have to clean the vehicle on site as we don’t facilitate for it.

What we offer

The different vehicle graphics and wraps we handle

Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Van Graphics and Wraps

From individual entrepreneurs to expansive fleets, as Wolverhampton’s go-to vehicle graphic and wrap specialists, we seamlessly manage all your needs.

Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Car Graphics and Wraps

Catering to a diverse clientele, from solo entrepreneurs to extensive car fleets, we stand out as Wolverhampton’s premier car graphic specialists and truck wrap specialists.

Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Truck Graphics and Wraps

From solo operators to extensive truck fleets, we proudly serve as Wolverhampton’s leading truck graphic specialists and truck wrap specialists.

Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Specialist Graphics and Wraps

Whether you operate specialised vehicles for a specific industry or unique purposes, our expertise extends to crafting graphic identities and wraps that perfectly align with your vision.

case studies

Our Feature Work

Explore the capabilities of The Print Box and bring your ideas to life with Wolverhampton’s leading vehicle graphic and wrap specialists. We bring a unique blend of creativity and expertise to every project, turning your creative concepts into captivating visual expressions

Embark on a visual journey with The Print Box, your premier destination for exceptional vehicle graphics and wraps services in the Wolverhampton area. Our featured work stands testament to our commitment to excellence, showcasing a diverse portfolio that spans individual cars, expansive fleets, and specialised vehicles. As specialists in the craft, we seamlessly blend creativity with expertise to transform ordinary vehicles into captivating mobile masterpieces.

What sets The Print Box apart is our unwavering dedication to quality service. Our skilled team customises graphics that not only protect your vehicle’s finish but also serve as dynamic canvases for your unique expression. We take pride in being
Wolverhampton’s vehicle wrap specialists, offering high-quality, durable wraps that provide both protection and a striking visual impact.
We understand that each vehicle has its own story to tell. Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking a unique graphic identity, managing a fleet of trucks, or operating specialised vehicles , our tailored solutions cater to a diverse range of needs. Our commitment to turning your creative concepts into vibrant, real-world designs is at the core of what we do.

Our featured work reflects not just our technical prowess but the tangible impact we bring to each project. Every mile becomes a canvas for your brand’s distinctive story with The Print Box, where your journey is as remarkable as the destination. Experience the difference in quality and service that sets us apart as the trusted choice for vehicle graphics and wraps in

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